A Unique Solution to Flat Foot Problems

Does your child complain of pain or discomfort when walking or running?

Child complaining of walking due to flat feet

Flat-foot is an under-diagnosed condition in young people.

Treatment is often poor or non-existent. Yet flat feet (pes planus) can have serious consequences for normal development.

We frequently see adult cases when it is too late - where there is damage to the discs of the low-back, premature arthritis, poor posture and a host of associated conditions, such as shin-splints, plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma.

Symptoms of flat feet in the children and young people presents as.

  • A reluctance to walk
  • Pain in feet/legs - often dismissed as growing pains
  • Poor posture. The head is forward, shoulders rounded. There may be clumsiness
  • Sometimes the feet are very obviously flat, with hypermobility or double-jointedness.
Poor posture due to child with flat feet

If your young person has been affected by pain from walking on flat feet, you may have sought medical help. The advice can run something like this;

Doctor giving poor advice concerning flat feet and foot support
“Flat feet are usually nothing to worry about and normally correct themselves. If there is pain after age six years we recommended a good, lace-up shoe, possibly with one of those arch supports you can buy, maybe some physiotherapy exercises. Oh, and there are always painkillers…”

You might have tried these measures – possibly even had custom orthotics made - and they gave no help, or were only partially successful. This will be because your doctor, therapist/podiatrist has a poor or out-dated understanding of foot-function.

We can help resolve this condition correctly, so that your youngster can join in games and family walks, free from pain. Furthermore, they will actually want to wear the correction –because it works. No more daily battles about wearing shoe-inserts!

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Our Unique Guarantee

The orthotics from Evolution are unique. But so is our no-quibble guarantee. If, after one month of wearing the orthotics, your child has rejected them/not benefitted from them simply return the orthotics by Royal Mail Signed For® delivery for a full refund of all fees (bar the initial telephone consultation).

It’s that safe! It’s that easy!

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